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A Premium domain for pro anglers, or for promoting pros across the country.



Proanglers by 3-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier is a premium domain for promoting pro anglers across the globe. by Lee Bailey Jr

After years of promoting Lee Bailey Jr and many other pro anglers on I decided to shut down. I am a retired Bassmaster Elite series and FLW touring Pro Angler. A 3-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier and Bassmaster Champion. was a great site as a money maker promoting professional bass anglers from all tours. They would pay a fee to be listed here and promoted everywhere. A great outlet for them.

I also ran my information section Fishing Factors™. Lee Bailey is an excellent collection of tactics, tips and tricks for bass by Lee Bailey Jr. As you clock more and more bass fishing hours you will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. The best advice is to examine the fishing conditions, ask for guidance from anglers familiar with the waters you are fishing. Try these different lures and bass fishing techniques until you discover what works most effectively

As for me being a professional bass angler and guide. This site worked very well for promoting me and my endeavors.

A premium domain that was easy to get heavy traffic is what makes this domain a must have for the creative person in the bass fishing world. I had this site getting thousands of views every day. It kept me very busy to say the least.

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