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Proanglers by 3-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

ProAnglers National Competitors is focused on bringing you a list of the National Competitors in one Place. Easy to find and even easier to communicate with them.

This is a sample of one way you can use this site. By having a single location of all the pros. Using them for promotional purposes and you can do this for a fee to anglers who really need more promotions.

Learn more about your favorite Bassmaster Elite Series anglers. This includes personal biographies, pro angler tournament statistics, and lifetime bass tournament accomplishments.

Bass fishing tournaments serve as a platform where anglers, who have put in hours of practice and effort to build their skill, can showcase their talent. While the competition is friendly most of the time Some fishermen make a career around this sport, taking home substantial cash prizes.

For sponsors, fishing tournaments are also becoming serious business. For instance, at the 2019 High School Fishing World Finals held on Pickwick Lake in Florence, Alabama, the prize purse was reported to be $2.7 million. This makes the championship the world’s richest fishing tournament ever held.

So, what are the best bass fishing tournaments for those who want to get involved in the freshwater or saltwater fishing sport? ProAnglers National Competitors brings pro anglers from all top level tournaments. National Competitor Matt Arey

Matt Arey

North Carolina

Elite Series National Competitor Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn


Elite Series

John Crews


Elite Series

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